Downhill Dash 2

Help Scooby reach the Mistery Inc. in time in the Downhill Dash 2 game! Outrun the ghosts, avoid the obstacles, and try to finish the race in one piece!

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Scooby is running for his life again in the Downhill Dash 2 Game! Since the team has split up in searching for clues, Scooby is once again alone on who knows what Godforsaken mountain top. To reach the bottom, he'll have to embark on a chilling adventure down on the slippery, icy slopes of the hill. Are you sure he can make it to the end alone?

Also, remember the Chained Green Ghosts from A Night of Fright Is No Delight episode? Yup, they're back and ready to kill. And more importantly, following Scooby's every paw-step.

Your job is to help Scooby get to the bottom of the hill. Use your skills and determination to make your way through the maze of horrors and finish the race before the ghosts catch you. Do you think you've got what it takes for this challenge? Let's find out!

How to Play

Just like before, you'll have to use the arrows to make your way through trees and cemetery stones. The rules are simple: try to not get impaled and avoid all obstacles that come up in your way. Try to stay on the central lane for more goodies, but also more challenging obstacles, or keep it safe on the less rewarding side lanes. It's your choice!

While on the run, try to collect as many snacks as possible. They are a sure way of reaching the highest score on the Billboard. Unfortunately, there are no extra lives to pick on the journey down. You only get three hearts at the beginning of the game, and you keep sliding until you run out of them, so make sure to keep Scooby on the right track.

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