Scooby-Doo and the Race to WrestleMania

Step into a new adventure in the Scooby-Doo and the Race to WrestleMania game! Move fast, avoid the obstacles, and don't let the bear catch your friends!

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About Scooby-Doo and the Race to WrestleMania Game

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Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery in the Scooby-Doo and the Race to WrestleMania game? Scooby and the gang were on their way to the fighting competition when a dangerous bear-ghost started following the Mystery Machine! You have to help your friends escape the angry creature! 

Shaggy thinks that this is more than just a simple animal! Probably, the red flames that follow the bear indicate the presence of a more exciting story! The team has to solve this new mystery and get to John Cena in time for the match, and your assistance is crucial! Join the race to help Scooby and his buddies!

How to Play

There are three different levels in the game: the Forest, the Cave, and WWE City! To unlock the last two, you have to complete the first level! Your job is to drive the Mystery Machine while avoiding the obstacles along the road! 

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move the van from one side of the street to the other! If obstacles are blocking the entire road, use the Up arrow to jump over them!

Make sure to pay attention and be focused! Every bump that you hit brings the angry bear closer! Don’t let your friends be caught by the animal, or else the game stops!

Tips and Tricks

Along the way, you will encounter many mystery items that will help Scooby and his friends move faster! For example, make sure to collect the Power-Ups that appear on the road! They will propel the Mystery Machine farther from the flaming bear! Also, try to get the WWE Superstar cards to beat obstacles and gain an advantage! 

Moreover, maps will be scattered all over the road! You need to gather three of them to find the right path! They are clues that lead you closer to your destination! Cover long distances to get a higher score! 

Join the Mystery Team members in the greatest adventure race ever! They need your help, so make sure you bring your best assets to the table! Be fast and agile to cover long distances! This way, you gain more points, and your friends arrive in time! Solve the mystery of the bear ghost, and be a hero!