Ghost Chaser

The Castle's Treasure is in danger in the Ghost Chaser game! Follow the Ghost Car with your Mystery Machine, collect bonus points, and catch the culprit!

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About Ghost Chaser Game

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Castles and treasures are turning into dangerous things in the heart-racing Ghost Chaser game! Join the famous investigation gang and conclude the mystery of the stolen riches! Restore the assets to its original place to become the hero!

Shaggy and Scooby have another task at hand, and they need your help! An unknown thief has robbed the precious treasure from the Castle, and is now running away in a ghost car! Hop on the Mystery Machine, and catch the wrongdoer before he gets away!

How to Play

Once you have started your tracking mission, you have to keep speeding up! Try not to slow down, or the bandit gets away! Use your Mouse to control the direction towards the car is moving! Move the cursor Up and Down to avoid getting stuck behind!

However, your path is not always as easy as it seems! You can encounter many obstacles that will hinder your journey! Be very careful not to drive over thumbtacks, as they will flatten your tires, causing the car to slow down! Bats can also be troublesome! Same as before, if you run into a bunch of them, your vehicle will slow down, and the thief will get away!

Useful Tips

Other than this, the game provides tricks that help your characters get ahead of the situation! To speed up and catch the felon, make sure to collect Valuables and Scooby Snacks!

Moreover, every item brings a certain number of points that determine your score at the end of the game! Be sure to collect all the pieces for the best results!

Scooby and Shaggy have entered another exciting adventure and yet again have to catch the bad guy! Help them restore the treasure and catch the mischievous thief! Furthermore, collect all the bonus points and establish new personal records!