Roller Ghoster Ride

The amusement park is filled with mystery in the spooky Roller Ghoster Ride game! Help Shaggy complete the tricks and skate away from the evil ghost!

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About Roller Ghoster Ride Game

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Get spooky at the amusement park in the Roller Ghoster Ride game! Shaggy and Scooby thought they were going to have a peaceful day at Thrill Ride Park, but things did not turn out the way they wanted! Now, they are followed by a ghost, and Shaggy needs to run away from it! 

The ghost's evil plan is to capture your characters, and keep the secret of its existence! You need to help your friends get away from the wicked spirit! Make sure you get out of the park safely and proceed to uncover the mystery of the malicious phantom! 

How to Play

You have to escape the monster and show off your abilities! Shaggy has to keep his distance from the ghost, so make sure to move fast! Press the Right arrow to increase your speed and gain an advantage! If you feel like slowing down, press the Left arrow! Remember, once you stop moving, the ghost catches you! 

Along the way, you have to dodge obstacles that may cause the game to stop! To avoid being caught by the ghost, make sure to complete the tricks correctly! Press Down to crunch and Up to climb the halfpipe! Moreover, press Spacebar to jump over platforms and bumps! 

Tips and Tricks

Despite being hard to master, the tricks and obstacles in your way can also help you! If you work on improving your skills, you gain more distance away from the monster! For instance, when you are on the handrail, press the Right and Left key continually to keep Shaggy's balance!

After jumping into the air, Shaggy can make many impressive moves that will help him get away from the spirit faster! When he is still in the air, press the Right arrow to do a 360° turn! If you press the Left arrow, he will flip the skateboard under his feet!  

Help Shaggy keep his calm and escape the mischievous spirit! He has to get out of the park and begin an investigation on this mystery! However, you only have two chances before the green ghoul gets his hands on your character!