Scooby-Doo and the Great Blue Mystery

Investigate the disappearance of the snacks in the Scooby-Doo and the Great Blue Mystery game. Crack the color code and find out who the thief is!

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About Scooby-Doo and the Great Blue Mystery Game

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Oh no! Something terrible has happened in the Scooby-Doo and the Great Blue Mystery game. The precious blue Scooby Snacks are gone! What can our favorite doggie do now? Well, the good news is that at least the whole gang is here to investigate the mysterious disappearance. 

Your aim here is to remember the codes and introduce them. After inserting them all, the lock will break, and the mysterious thief will be revealed. No one will ever dare to take someone else's snacks after they see what a splendid detective you are!

How to Play

For this game, you will only need your fingertips of your mouse to investigate. Fortunately for you, there will be no need for fancy equipment or messy fingerprints powder. Cracking codes is probably the best part of mystery solving!

What you have to do is to replicate the order in which the buttons light up. Watch them closely to remember the colors. After they stop, you can start pressing them.

After you pass one round, a new color will be added each time. The code will begin in the exact same way, thus making it easier for you to remember. But don't get too excited, the more colors, the more confusing it gets!

What else you should know

Moreover, there is also a bonus round, where all the buttons are blue and have only Scooby's face on them. That part will surely become a challenge for you. But, with a little focus and determination, nothing can stop you from finding out who took the blue Scooby Snacks!

Finally, you should be aware that you only have a few minutes to crack the mystery! So you should bring all your wits to the table to solve it as quickly as possible. Surely you will find out that the thief here is a person very close to you with an appetite almost as big as Scooby's!

Good luck training your memory, and, hopefully, your investigation skills will not let you down!