Drop 'em Scooby!

Join Scooby in a fight against zombies in the Drop 'em Scooby game! Kill all the monsters by shooting darts at their balloons before they reach the ground!

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About Drop 'em Scooby! Game

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In the Drop 'em Scooby game, the cute doggy is having trouble with terrifying zombies coming from the skies. The horrendous monsters are about to assault the mansion that houses so many people at the moment! Scooby has to save the day, but he can't do it all by himself. He needs someone with a good vision in the dark to guide his arrow.

Your job is to help Scooby aim for the balloons that zombies cling to. Pop them all to kill all the zombies and be the party's hero! To do this, you need to train your precision, and don't let the monsters get to Scooby. Are you ready for zombie combat?

How to Play

Scooby has settled his shooting place and is ready to aim. To pop the balloons, use the darts by pressing the left mouse button. Make sure to strike them all. Otherwise, the zombie survives.  If a creepy face slips through your fingers, it will try to get to Scooby.

You should also prevent the zombies from stacking more than three under Scooby; otherwise, he loses a life. Press the bone button to throw a bone at the zombies, and they will disappear away from the brave dog.  

You win the fight and get to the next level only after you killed enough zombies. Check the top right of the screen to keep track of your success. The victory awaits for you!

Tips and Tricks

At some point, the darts may be too slow to pop all the balloons that hold up a zombie. Don't freak out! Scooby really loves his delicious Snacks, and he may become more energetic after a bite. Just aim for the golden snack box when you see it on the screen, and the darts will travel faster. 

What's more, you can try the power dart button to launch way stronger and faster arrows. This way, you may kill the zombies with a single shot! 

If it happens to run out of ammunition, there is still hope. Every now and then, bones or power darts may fall from the sky. You can shoot them to refill your stock!

It appears that the zombie army has no rest. Fight along with Scooby until the land is safe. After that, he might invite you to join the party!