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Play the Boomerang Sports game and join your favorite cartoon characters in various challenges. Compete in each contest and get the best possible scores!

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There is a huge competition going on in the Boomerang Sports game, and all your favorite Cartoon Network characters are taking part in it! They all have teamed up to have a friendly contest. Tom and Jerry, Scooby and Shaggy are just a couple examples of the pairs you can team up with. 

As in any genuine sports tournament, there are several different contests to compete in. Each one will test various skills you have and will surely bring a smile to your face. Your aim here is to do your best in all the sportive challenges!

How to Play

THe game features three different challenges, and each one will require you to use various commands. For instance, in the first one, you will have to do something very similar to waterskiing. Use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard to steer quickly on the water lane. Be extra careful to avoid the obstacles, since they will slow you down considerably! And, when you get the chance, launch yourself in the air on the ramps.

You should also collect the golden pickups. If you catch them, you'll get special power-ups like flying or super speed for a limited time. All these will help you achieve the final goal of completing the race within a minimal amount of time. 

The second challenge will require you to only use your mouse. Click, drag, and release to throw basketballs from the bubbles with your teammates on them. Follow the arrows for a better aiming and a more targeted throw. Score as many goals as you can in the limited time you have!

The third and last competition might be the most challenging one. The Boomerang characters have come up with a very unique and strange contest. You must use the Space Bar to jump from ball to ball on your jumping stick. The complicated part is that everything happens on the water. Therefore, any jump made at the wrong moment will translate as going for an unwanted swim for you. 

Good luck obtaining the best scores in every challenge. Remember that anybody who wants to be a winner needs perseverance and a little bit of luck!