The Principals

Elmore Jr. High has new leadership in The Principals game! Join Gumball and Darwin and solve all the school's problems while winning numerous awards!

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About The Principals Game

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All the secrets are out at the Elmore Jr. High in The Principals game! Gumball and Darwin found out that Principal Brown's diploma is fake! This made the two brothers very confident, so they decided to take advantage of this information! Finally, they made Nigel confess his wrongdoings! He went on to resign so that he can get an actual diploma! 

Because of this, your two friends took up the role of principals! Now, you have to help the Watterson brothers make the best decisions throughout the game! It won't be easy, as they have to always be on top of the situation! As the days go by, things get more complicated, so you need to be there for them all the time!

How to Play

In this game, you need to help your friends make decisions for the sake of the school! Click on each character to choose an answer! But, do keep in mind some details! When it comes to Gumball, he tends to be more irresponsible! So, you need to be careful when you click on him! On the other hand, Darwin seems more sensible than his brother! Choose him if you want to find the middle ground!

Furthermore, you will find four meters on the left side of the screen! Depending on which of the two brothers you choose, these will increase or decrease!

The Confidence meter shows how certain the characters are on themselves! The Students meter projects how much their friends like them! To find out how long the school staff will put up with Gumball and Darwin, check the Teacher's meter! Lastly, if you want to inspect the school budget, take a look at the Money meter! If one of the meters becomes empty, the game is over!

What else you should know

Once in a while, you will have to solve a more complicated story! This takes up longer than one school day and consists of more problems! If you manage to resolve them all, you will be rewarded with stickers! These go into the Year Book that you can consult in the Main Menu!

Every now and then, mini-games appear on the screen from time to time! Complete them, and win awards and power-ups! 

Elmore Jr. High is going through some fun changes in this game! You have to join Gumball and Darwin and make sure they manage to keep the students and professors happy!