School House Rush

Elmore Junior High is flooded in the School House Rush game! Help Gumball to save the trapped students and fix the broken pipe to impress Penny!

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About School House Rush Game

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Your friends are in trouble in the School House Rush game! Principal Brown informed Gumball and Darwin that Elmore Junior High is flooded! He also asked them to check up on Ms. Simian while they resolve the problem!

The duo has to save the students trapped underwater and to fix the pipe leak outside the school! Because of this, you have to give them your support and knowledge! Assist them and complete the tasks successfully! Gumball wants to impress Penny, so make sure you put him in a good light by saving the school! 

How to Play

In this game, you will play as Gumball! To move your character around, use the Right and Left arrows! Plus, he needs to see what is going on around him, so press the Up and Down arrows. This way, he can expand his vision and assess the situation better!

Even better, the Up arrow is used for entering doors if they are open! Besides this, you can use the Spacebar to jump over obstacles and get to a higher platform!

You should also know that many parts of the game require Darwin’s help to progress! For example, bounce on Darwin’s head and help Gumball reach new heights! Moreover, he can perform a second jump in mid-air to soar even better! Aside from his bouncy head, Darwin can also destroy obstacles and open gates in the underwater level! 

Additionally, there are power-ups and little tricks that make this adventure more interesting! For example, collect the red hearts to refill your health meter! Even more, make sure to get the karate outfit for temporary invincibility, and use the bubble as a shield!

To top that, the signs with Principal Brown’s face on them allow you to restart from there in case you fail the level! And as a bonus, yellow sun stickers are scattered around the halls! Collect them and get extra points!

What else you should know

However, things are not always that easy! From time to time, the cactuses will cause trouble and damage Gumball if he touches them. Also, there are barbed wires that do the same!

When this happens, use the suspended ropes to swing past them! You will find such objects all over the platform! There are ropes to swing back and forth, and metal handles to hang onto them when danger is on the ground! 

This being said, your primary job is to help Gumball save the school! Use your strength and knowledge to direct your friend around the damaged halls! Look out for danger, and use the bonus elements to make your journey more exciting!