Stellar Odyssey

Gumball and his pals are planet hoppin' in the Stellar Odyssey game! Explore the universe and collect as many stars as you can along with your friends!

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About Stellar Odyssey Game

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Gumball and his friends are about to enter the world of their favorite movie in the Stellar Odyssey game! It's no secret that your pals from The Amazing World of Gumball love this film series. Now that they are given a chance to be part of Stellar Odyssey, how could they refuse? 

Your role here is to guide Gumball, Darwin, and the rest of your cute buddies as they explore the universe. Hop from one planet to the other and aim for the stars, literally! They are the ones leading the way, so make sure to follow them. Do you have what it takes to help your friends complete their mission?

How to Play 

The first thing you will have to do is select a character to play as. The controls here are straightforward: left-click on your mouse or press the Spacebar to launch your hero towards a planet. Before anything, you should be careful and make sure that he is in the right position!

Your goal is to travel as far as you can, but keep in mind to avoid the suns and black holes. If you get too close, their gravitational force will pull you in! If that happens, you will lose the game and have to restart it from scratch!

In the beginning, your only playable character will be Gumball. Don't worry, because you can see which of your buddies you can play as and start preparing! To choose your other friends, such as Darwin, Richard, or Penny, you will have to collect stars. 

You should do your best to unlock as many characters as possible because each one adds a multiplier to your earned score! The more, the better, because the bonuses stack and you will gain more points!

Gumball and his friends need your help to experience the world of Stellar Odyssey! What are you waiting for? Get started and shoot for the stars!