The Origins of Darwin

Be the designer of your pet and best friend in The Origins of Darwin game. Select the shape and color of your fish and start a wonderful friendship!

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Having a pet is so lovely. Not only that the pets are so cute, but they become so much more than just pets over time. They become your best friends. This is the story of how Darwin became Gumball's closest friend. It all started from a little boy who owned a fish. So come and help Gumball create more friends like Darwin in The Origins of Darwin Game!

I am sure that everybody wants a fish that can become the best friend of the owner. But how about owning more than one? And how about creating them yourself?

Well, now you get this chance by playing this fantastic game. All you need to do is to use your imagination and let your creativity loose. Picture how you want your best friend to look like and let's get started.

You will begin with a fishbowl in which you will already have a lovely fish. But do not let it be lonely and start creating a friend for you and him as well. Click on the green button that can be found on the right side of the screen to add more fishes.

Try to be creative!

Your creation will now be in process. You get to choose the shape of your new friend's eyes, the smile of its mouth, the hands and even the type of fish that you want to inhabit your aquarium.

There are many options and possibilities. Just choose wisely and make it look as gracious as you please. Now that your fish has the shape that you always wanted, all you need to do is to select the color. Make all of them as diverse as possible. Like this, your fishbowl will be a rainbow of colors, and you will have an entire collection of best friends.

When your creation is ready, click on the fish bowl and let them swim freely. Click on the fish to tickle it and make it drop some colorful aquarium stones. If you do not really like how they have turned out, you can always flush them down the toilet and start creating again. But we hope that it will not come to this.

Come and be the creator of your own best friends. Discover the place where all of the best friendships originate from and put your imagination at work.