Tidy Up!

Gumball transformed the entire house into a mess in the Tidy Up game! You have to help Darwin clean up all the dirty rooms before he runs out of time!

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About Tidy Up! Game

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The entire house is a mess in the Tidy Up game! Gumball and his friends managed to destroy the whole house while they were playing! Darwin can’t stand this, so he decided to clean up before their parents arrive home! However, everything is upside down, and things are not easy!

Your job is to help Darwin finish the job quickly! He has a lot of work to do, so your assistance is crucial! Arm yourself with some cleaning agents, and start tidying up! 

How to Play

There is a total of five rooms that need care, including the front porch of the house! Click on the furniture to bring it back to its normal state! You have to remember that some of the items are in terrible condition! So, you might have to click on them several times before they finish cleaning up! 

Also, Gumball will start peeking at the side of the wall when it is time to go on to the next room! To change location, click on the yellow arrows that appear on the screen! More than that, if you feel lost, take a look at the icon in the left corner! It helps you find out where you are in the house and where to go next!

However, there is also a catch! Darwin has to clean up all the rooms before he runs out of time! Thus, you have to move quickly and help him finish in less than thirty seconds! If you need more time, make sure to pay attention when the red clock appears on the screen! By clicking on it, Darwin receives bonus seconds that help him complete the job! 

Darwin needs to be all hands on deck if he wants to finish cleaning on time! Once again, you have to come through and help a friend out in times of need! So, roll up your sleeves and tidy up!