Hard Hat Hustle

Darwin got lost at the construction site in the Hard Hat Hustle game! Help Gumball avoid obstacles, collect jellybeans, and complete the levels to find him!

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About Hard Hat Hustle Game

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School trips are getting dangerous in the exciting Hard Hat Hustle game! Gumball and Darwin’s entire class is on holiday at the construction site! Things should get entertaining, but they must be careful! Patrick warns them about wormholes and instructs them to stay close to their partner! 

However, not even seconds later, Darwin waders around and gets lost! Now, Gumball has to search the entire perimeter to find his buddy! You need to help him travel around the platforms without getting in trouble!

How to Play

To control Gumball, you have to press the Left and Right arrow keys. This will ensure that the character moves smoothly around. You can also use the A and D buttons for the same results! To jump over obstacles or onto the next platform, press the Up arrow or the Spacebar! To move around boxes, make sure to use the Down arrow or the S key!

During your journey, you need to keep your character away from danger! Pay great attention to the tools held by construction men, and avoid spikes! If they touch Gumball, he loses his strength, and the level ends! Also, take care and avoid other obstacles that appear on your way! Be focused, and don’t let your friend get hurt! 

Moreover, there are jellybeans scattered all over the site! You need to collect all of them for bonus points! If you gather all the colorful beans, you get a star at the end of the level! More extra points will be awarded if you finish the level quickly! So, make sure you move fast and find Darwin in time to get all the bonuses!

The construction site provides many challenges you need to overcome! Gather your strength, and help Gumball find his goofy friend! With every second that passes while they are apart, the danger gets higher! They need to be together, and close to Patrick so that they complete the tour! Aid your buddies, and complete the levels quickly!