Haunted House Prank

The Halloween party got even spookier in the Haunted House Prank game! Help Gumball move around the rooms to avoid the ghosts and collect the jellybeans!

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About Haunted House Prank Game

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Be ready for Halloween in the mysterious Haunted House Prank game! Gumball has been invited to a spooky party at the haunted house! His old buddies are dressed like ghosts to scare him out of his senses! He needs to pay attention and take care!

Gumball decided to look around the premises and discover the mysteries by himself! However, you have guided him around the haunted house and keep him out of trouble! Remember that other characters are out to get him! Protect your friend and complete the levels!

How to Play

Each level represents a room in the house! You have to direct Gumball around by pressing the Right and Left arrows! There are also stairs which connect the hallways! Use the Up and Down arrows to move the character on the different platforms! Move fast when completing the tasks, so that you can gain many bonus points!

To be able to get onto the next room, you have to collect all the fluorescent beans which you cand find scattered around the house! However, be careful since the spooky ghosts are protecting them! If Gumball gets touched by the evil spirits, he loses a life, and you have to resume the level! Keep in mind that you only have three lives before the game stops! 

Moreover, you can collect ectoplasm to transform Gumball into a ghost for a few seconds! This way, he will scare the other spirits out of their disguise, and his path will become clear! Also, make sure to collect the pumpkins and gain more points for a better score!

A very exciting adventure awaits you! Be courageous and help Gumball escape the haunted house! You need to protect your friend and ensure he completes the levels quickly! Collect the jellybeans and get all the bonus points!