Swing Out

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Play Swing Out

About Swing Out Game

Welcome to the most colorful world you will ever see. Today is a good day for adventures, and for fun. Gumball and his friends are waiting for you, to spend one of the best days in their lives. Forget everything you thought you know about adventures because next to Gumball you will discover a brand new way of having fun. For example, today is the day when you will learn how to jump from one platform to another one, in the middle of the earth. In the Swing Out game, you have the chance to help Gumball and his best friends create some unforgettable memories.

The first thing you have to do is pick a character that you want to play with, and to be on your side on this mission. Now, be ready for the fun to begin. The character you chose will swing from one side to the other one, and you have to help him land on the platform in front of you. Click on the screen when you think it is the perfect time to do it. Do your best to land in the center of the platform, and you will get extra points. You will see some items on your way. Try to collect all of them, because they will help you on your journey. Be careful before you jump, and consider the wind. It can help you, or cause you troubles. The more you advance on the platforms, the bigger your score will be. If you fall from one platform, you have to restart the game.
Good luck!

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