Wheels of Rage

Prepare for a surprise birthday party in the Wheels of Rage game! Help Nicole drive around town and keep Gumball away while Richard decorates their house!

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About Wheels of Rage Game

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Gumball’s birthday is facing all sorts of difficulties in the Wheels of Rage game! The Wattersons are preparing a surprise party for him, but Richard forgot to decorate the house! Now, Nicole is running all over the town to drop Anais off at dance class! All of this, while trying to make sure Gumball stays clueless about the party!

Your job is to help Nicole drive the car around Elmore! You have to help her pick up characters and drop them off at different places in the city! Even more than that, be ready to distract Gumball and Darwin at all costs! 

How to Play    

Everybody seems to need Nicole’s help today since her phone won’t stop ringing! You need to get behind the wheel and finish her tasks quickly! Power up the engine and use the Up and Down arrows to start moving! If you have to change direction, press the Right and Left arrows! The job is finished when you arrive at the destination without injuring the car! 

Additionally, you need to purchase items for Gumball’s birthday so that the story advances! Nicole starts with fifteen dollars, but more money can be earned! You have to keep in mind that characters will pay for trips if you don’t go over the time limit! More than that, you receive points based on the speed of delivery and damage sustained by the car! So, drive fast and keep your vehicle intact for better results! 

However, if you do crash the car, it will move slower! If you want to fix it, you have to drive into a repair shop, indicated by an open garage door and a repair symbol! Sadly, this will cost you money, depending on the level of damage! To avoid such things from happening, you need to pay attention and drive cautiously!  

It appears that this time too, Nicole needs your assistance to finish the game successfully! More than that, Gumball does not know what awaits him, and you have to keep it that way! Drive around Elmore and gain all the bonus rewards!