Gumball Dumb Race

Gumball decided to have a blindfolded run through the park in the Dumb Race game! Help him jump over obstacles without getting injured, and win the race!

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Gumball is yet again acting out one of his bright ideas in the Dumb Race game! This time, he decided that a sprint in the park would be the perfect form of exercise! And, to make it fun, he blindfolded himself without thinking about the consequences!

Your job is to make sure he does not get hurt! You have to protect him from bumping into obstacles along the way! He can be careless most of the time, but he knows he always has you to depend on!

How to Play

There are plenty of ways for this to go badly! To protect the gullible character, you need to help him jump over obstacles, such as trash cans or other participants in the race! For this to happen, be ready at any time to click the items popping out in his way so he can jump over them!

More importantly, you need to look out for Tobias, Marvin, and Hector! They can appear out of nowhere and injure Gumball! For example, Marvin is moving too slow, and Gumball has to jump over him to continue the race! On the other hand, he has to remain on the ground to avoid Hector and Tobias! If he bumps into them, or any other objects for that matter, the game will stop!

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that once Gumball gains some advantage, the game becomes harder! Even if this appears to be easy, the further your character gets, the faster he has to run! Because of this, many more obstacles will appear, and protecting him will get trickier! 

The famous character needs your assistance now more than ever! His ideas are getting crazier, and because of this, you can't let him get injured! So, pay close attention and help him complete the race!