Bro-Squad 2

Join Gumball, Anais, and Darwin in a new mission with the Bro Squad 2 game. Help them defeat Tobias and his evil forces before they ruin Elmore!

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About Bro-Squad 2 Game

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Elmore is once again facing danger in the Bro Squad 2 game! Tobias and his evil forces are threatening to destroy the beloved city, but Gumball can't let that happen! Because of this, he joined forces with his siblings to save their loved ones!

You have to step in and help the brave characters! Play alongside Gumball, Anais, and Darwin and stop Tobias definitively! The three siblings team up again to protect their town from harm! You need to assist them and help them win every fight!

How to Play

The siblings need to train before fighting Tobias, so Richard prepares them at the beginning of the game! There are two main commands that they have to use! The buttons appear on the screen near every character! To engage in a new attack, you have to press the Sword icon and choose its intensity! If you want to block your enemy's blows, you have to click on the Shield icon!

At first, Tobias is testing out their powers, but soon he will change into his bigger form! When this happens, the three characters unite forces and become the Bro-Squad Mecha! This way, they can match Tobias' power and have a chance at defeating him! In this state, their strength combines to obtain a powerful fighting machine!

Alongside Tobias, the evil Construction Men are also trying to destroy the city! Join them in battle, and make sure to eliminate any threats! Firstly, you'll have to fight them individually in a face to face combat! Remember that every character has a different skill set that can be used to your advantage! After that, change into Mecha to combine the siblings' forces and defeat the enemies!

Moreover, when fighting, you have to keep an eye on each character's strength level! This appears in the corner of the screen and also gives information about their health in combat! Don't let your friends become too weak; otherwise, they will be defeated!

The city needs the three brave siblings, so make sure to protect them at all times! Pay close attention to every battle and defeat the evil forces once and for all!

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