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Pick your football team in the Toon Cup Africa game! Choose between characters in the Cartoon Network shows, tackle the opponents, and score amazing goals!

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You can play now your favorite sport from the comfort of your house in the Toon Cup Africa game. Football no longer has to be played outside because all your favorite characters from Cartoon Network want to be your teammates. The Powerpuff Girls, Gumball and Darwin, Finn and Jake, the Bare Bears, or Mordecai and Rigby are just a few of them!

This football game is no different from the actual thing. The aim here is the same one; score as many goals as you can! You will have to defeat some pressing opponents here, so be positive that you can create the most skilled team possible. 

Before you rush into the action of the game, there are a couple of things that you should settle up beforehand. As any other experienced coach would do, you must pick the team members! Nobody should let such things to chance. In this game, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Mix their qualities to create a balanced team that can overcome the enemy!

How to Play

After creating your team, you are ready to play. There is no training to undergo, but a few instructions. You must use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to move the character around on the field. Whenever you want to move somewhere, just press the key pointing in that direction.

For some more complex moves, there are some interesting things out there. Because football is all about getting that stubborn ball, you can use the Z key to tackle the opponents nearby. Remember, though, that if that is the plan, make sure to get as close to the ball before tackling.

The last and probably the most important thing in football is the kick that scores the goal. Because no match can be won without a proper shot, you can use the X key to solve that issue. If you get into the perfect position for an impressive goal, press the key and to gather the power. When the bar fills up enough, release it to score!

You will never miss another opportunity to play a football match now that you know of this game. The teams are customizable, and you could even experiment until you find the perfect mix!

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