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BMO is learning how to fly in the Fables of Ooo: BMO Dreamo game! Help your friend float through the clouds while avoiding the obstacles that may hurt him!

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About BMO Dreamo Game

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BMO has his head in the clouds in the Fables of Ooo: BMO Dreamo game! The charming Adventure Time character decided to try his flying skills! He let himself float through the air, but things got complicated quite quickly! 

Your job is to help the little computer conquer the skies! BMO’s fear is that he will hit other characters in the air and crash down! You need to keep him safe and guide him away from potential obstacles! Take care of your friend’s wellbeing and fly freely through the clouds!

How to Play

BMO is excited to try this new hobby! You have to guide him throughout his journey so that he will not get injured! He needs to avoid the obstacles that show up in his way, so you have to use the Up and Down arrows! Also, you can click on the screen, and BMO will change his position! 

You have to pay close attention to other objects that fly around BMO! Clouds are scattered all over the platform, and they very dangerous if he touches them! Also, there are orange blocks that fly up and down, and you need to avoid them! Remember that if your friend hits an obstacle, the game will stop! 

Apart from clouds and orange blocks, the Adventure Time characters can also be dangerous for BMO! For example, from time to time, the Ice King flies very fast towards your friend! When this happens, you need to get out of his way at once! Try and avoid as many obstacles as possible to get higher scores! 

BMO is trying his best to learn how to fly safely! You have to protect him from the floating obstacles and help him move across the sky!