Flambo's Hot Mess

It's time for a new adventure in the Flambo's Hot Mess game! Help the Firebug to gather all of Princess Bubblegum's candy before the dock catches on fire!

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About Flambo's Hot Mess Game

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Oh, no! It seems like Princess Bubblegum's jellybeans have scattered everywhere in the Flambo's Hot Mess game! The ruler of the Candy Kingdom needs some help, and the only one who can lend a hand is the unlucky Firebug! He's the one who caused this mess, so he took it upon himself to fix it! 

You need to help your friends by gathering as many jellybeans as you can, and fast! Play as Flambo and collect the scattered candy before the whole dock catches on fire! You should make sure he stays safe and doesn't fall into the water. After all, water and fire aren't such good friends! 

How to Play

Before you start the adventure, you need to understand the controls. To guide the Firebug around, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD ones on your keyboard. To jump up, you have the option of pressing Up, X, M, or W. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? 

The game has 33 levels in total, and they all come with their fun challenge! Your goal for each one is to collect all the jellybeans and reach the End sign before everything catches on fire. 

You will soon notice that each level is tricky, just like a puzzle. To successfully finish it and gather all the beans, you need to develop a tactic before taking on each trial!

If you want to find out more about your journey, you should pay attention to the screen! At the beginning of each level, a tip will show up, giving you some useful information.

What else you should know 

While playing, try to be careful because you'll meet some creatures along the way. Some will help you out, giving you a little boost, while others will make your mission even more dangerous! 

The Green Bomb-Berry and the Yellow Firework Hat explode if you touch them, while the Red Fire-Spreader Bugs can spray flames all around you. Watch out for these, because they can start a chain reaction, making Flambo fail the level!

Despite all of this, not all the characters you meet are dangerous. Sometimes you will come across Blue Bounce-Berrys that will help you out. They can make you jump much higher, so you shouldn't ignore them!

Are you ready for this challenge? Flambo is counting on you. Assist him and finish the search for the lost candy!

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