BMO - Play Along With Me

BMO has lost his video game CDs in the BMO – Play Along With Me game! Help him find the missing items while playing the fantastic mini-adventures!

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About BMO - Play Along With Me Game

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Beemo is hosting a gaming party in the BMO - Play Along With Me game! He invited all the Adventure Time characters at his house to play a series of mini-games! However, they got to talking and misplaced all the precious CDs! Now, BMO has to look over the entire place for them!

You have to help your computer friend locate his CDs and start the videogame party! Your job is to search the house up and down until you find all nine mini-games!  It won't be easy since even BMO can't remember where he put them, but you need to be thorough! Channel your inner detective and start investigating!

How to Play

At first, you need to find BMO and pull him out of his hiding! To do this, you must click on his image when he appears on the screen! Be careful because he might fall and lose his batteries! When this happens, click on them and drag them back into the little computer! This way, he will restore his energy and help you look for the missing CDs! 

Once he recovers, you need to start looking for the lost items! Follow the blue arrows up and down the stairs and move freely around the house! Look for clues on every floor and match things together to get what you are looking for! For example, go to the base room and put the frog on top of the mushroom to get a video game CD!

After you collect the items, click on the green wallet, and play the mini videogames! You can enter a different reality and explore new adventures there! For example, you can play a Snake-like game, where Finn has to eat cakes and grows longer! Control him using the arrows to reach great lengths! Pay attention to the instructions, and complete each mini-game! 

You need to help BMO find his mini-game CDs and ensure that the Adventure Time characters have the best time!