Gate Crashers

Explore the Candy Kingdom with the Gate Crashers game! Can you let in the desserts and keep the mean wolves away from Princess Bubblegum's castle?

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About Gate Crashers Game

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The Gate Crashers game will test your agility and attention to detail! Are you ready to explore the wonders of the Candy Kingdom and meet its inhabitants, the Candy People? As you can imagine, they are quirky and colorful, just like the other Aventure Time characters. You'll get to meet them and welcome them to Princess Bubblegum's castle. However, they're not the only ones who want to get in!

Evil wolves are trying to infiltrate the castle made out of sweets. You will play the role of the guardian at the gate. Who do you let in over the draw bridge? Who will you kick out? Your final score depends on how quickly you can make a decision. Are you ready to give this game a try?

How to Play

Can you face ten waves of characters coming towards the castle? Candy People and wolves will try to enter Princess Bubblegum's domain. However, only one category is allowed inside. You can open and close the gate using the Left Mouse Button or taping your phone's screen. Doesn't that sound easy as pie?

However, reaching the final wave and earning a high score aren't easy feats! Wolves and candies don't always walk at the same pace. Therefore, you will need to move quickly and try to keep the feral beasts out. Besides, some of them will be dressed up to confuse you. Get rid of them without turning away candies to win!

Have you noticed the number in the top left corner of the screen? It will get lower with every mistake you make. However, you can restore it by letting in one of the blue heartshaped candies. Once the counter reaches zero, the game is over. If you haven't managed to deal with all ten waves of intruders by this point, you'll need to try again.

Don't get discouraged, and keep practicing to put your name on the high score list! Even if you aren't that impressive at first, you'll surely have a blast with your favorite characters from the Adventure Time series!