Jumping Finn

Join the Adventure Time crew in a new mission in the Jumping Finn game! Launch Finn toward the Frozen Land and save the Princess from the Ice King!

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The adventurous duo must save the Princess from the Ice King in the Jumping Finn game! After kidnapping the Princess, the evil King took her to his fortress in the faraway Frozen Land. Jake and Finn must travel a long distance to find and take the Princess back! Luckily, Jake has a strong kick! Will you join their crazy plot?

Help Jake kick Finn's butt and send him flying toward the Frozen Land and closer to the Ice King's fortress! Try breaking your record with every attempt, and don't give up! You'll get closer each time! You might need a little boost here and there, but you'll succeed before you know it!

How to Play

To kick Finn in the air, use your mouse. Before you can deliver the kick, watch the power meter next to Jake. Click when it reaches max or close to it to launch the other adventurer high and fast in the air. When Finn begins his fall, move your cursor to get Jake under him and bounce him back into the sky! How far can you reach?

As you travel along the realms, you'll receive stars based on your distance, how close you are to the Frozen Land, and your speed. You can use them as currency to buy upgrades for your jump! For example, you can buy more mid-air kicks and bounces or acquire fans and clouds that boost your jump!

If you want to check your stats at the end of a jump or figure out how far the Frozen Land is, finish your jump and check the list at the end. You'll see the distance of your launch, speed, and height. There is also a linear map at the top of the list, which shows you how close you are to the icy realm and how many lands you must go through to get there!

Can you give the best butt kick and send Finn to the Frozen Land? Let's see how far you can get!