Beemo Blitz

Finn and Jake hid Ice King's secret tapes into Beemo in the Beemo Blitz game! Help them get to the Treehouse while defeating ice enemies along the way!

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About Beemo Blitz Game

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Finn and Jake stole the Ice King's secret tapes in the Beemo Blitz game! They managed to put it into Beemo, but now they are on the run! The King will do anything to get his tapes back, so they have to be careful!

Your role is to help Finn and Jake play catch with the robot to keep him out of the Ice King's hands! You have to protect the little robot and help your friends get past any obstacles! For the game to be completed, you need to bring Beemo back to the Treehouse! 

How to Play

Finn and Jake are running on two different paths, but you only control the character that has Beemo! To move your friends through snow, press the Right and Left arrows! When an obstacle appears, press the Up arrow and jump over it! However, be careful since there are some obstacles that your characters can't jump over!

When this happens, you have to throw Beemo back and forth! To fling the robot to one of your friends, just press the Spacebar! This way, you ensure that Beemo is safe! If any enemies bump into your character, he will drop the robot! He has only three lives before the game is over, so don't let that happen! 

What else you should know

Apart from holes in the ground, or tree stumps, many enemies will appear throughout the game! Be mindful, since Penguin Guards with Ice Axes or Potions can be deadly to your friends! Also, the Ice King appears behind your friends! He will use his attacks to try to bring Beemo down! 

You can earn points by throwing Beemo around, jumping over obstacles, and combining controls to keep him safe until the end! To swing the robot while your character is jumping, press both the Up arrow and the Spacebar! Even better, throw Beemo over the Snow Golem and win a Mistery Badge! 

Finn and Jake are trying their best to keep Beemo safe! You have to make sure they get to the Treehouse before the Ice King steals back his tapes! Get ready to protect your friends and defeat their enemies!