Sound Castle 2

Try out the Sound Castle 2 game to hear all your favorite catchphrases from the Adventure Time series! Can you kill all the gnomes and defend your castle?

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Become quicker with the Sound Castle 2 game! Your favorite heroes from the Adventure Time series have prepared another thrilling adventure for you. This time, Finn needs your help to defend his castle from a terrifying assault. Can you stop the gnomes from destroying the walls? It will be a long and grueling fight. However, nothing is impossible when you have the help of your friends. Are you ready to start the adventure of a lifetime?

The most interesting part about this game is your weapon. We hope you are a dedicated Adventure Time fan, as you will be bringing down your foes from their clouds by using catchphrases. More precisely, you will need to match famous quotes from the show with the color of your enemy's cloud. Therefore, you'll need quick fingers to succeed!

How to Play

The game consists of a single battle that lasts for as long as you can survive. Prepare to face multiple waves of enemies, looking to destroy the walls of your castle! Your mission is simple: click on the buttons underneath each column of enemies. To take down one of them, you will need to select the quote that matches the color of their cloud before they reach your castle. Be careful! You lose if a part of your castle is destroyed entirely.

Have you noticed that some enemies are stronger than others? While regular gnomes can be defeated with just one shot, while others will only die after multiple hits. Besides, as you advance through the game, you will encounter three types of clouds: pink, blue, and then orange. Can you believe that some of the baddies have color-changing clouds? 

How many of the cool catchphrases do you know? You can switch between different sets by using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. This way, you'll discover many funny expressions like 'Drama Bomb!', 'Be happy!' or 'Aw fudge!". Can you choose the right one to banish the goblins?

What else you should know

There are so many enemies coming your way! How will you possibly fend off all of them? Thankfully, the quirky characters of the Adventure Time series are by your side! Call them to the rescue by pressing the yellow button with their face underneath a column! This will clear up the entire column. How helpful!

Besides, you should also be on the lookout for the floating swords! They are special bonuses that fill up the red bar at the center of the screen. Click it whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation to destroy all the baddies on screen at that moment! Isn't that awesome?

How many points can you score? As you practice more, your reflexes and speed will certainly improve. Therefore, your score should be higher every time you play. Soon enough, you'll break all the records and set an impressive personal best!

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