Adventure Time: Dribbling Time

Show off your soccers skills in the Adventure Time: Dribbling Time game! Dribble across the green field, avoid the penguins, and see how far you can get!

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About Adventure Time: Dribbling Time Game

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Finn is ready to show off his ball tricks in the Adventure Time: Dribbling Time game! He wants to prove his dribbling skills to everyone in the Land of Ooo and conquer the green soccer field! The Ice King's penguins will try their best to stop him, but he must push forward and never let the ball out of his sight! Can you handle this dribbling challenge?

Help Finn roll the ball along the field and avoid the playful penguins as they try to trip him! Use your instincts, swerve out of the way, and set a new dribbling record! No penguin can get in your way!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to dribble across the vast football field. Finn automatically runs up and down the green area while kicking the ball forward. However, when you see a penguin approaching, you must click to change the direction in which Finn runs and avoid them. Remember that whenever he reaches the edge of the field, Finn will turn in the opposite direction.

The penguins are unpredictable in their movement, so keep a close eye on them. While some might pass by in a straight line, others will move up and down and cover a larger area. If they get close to Finn and the ball, they will dive! Avoid it at all costs and continue down the field.

Every time one of the penguins makes Finn trip and fall over, you will lose a life. You only have three chances to avoid the funky penguins before it's game over! The more distance you cover while dribbling, the higher your score, so try your best to preserve your life points!

Are you ready for a real challenge on the football field? Don't stop dribbling, and you'll break every record!