What are the most popular Sports Games?

  1. Sprinter
  2. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  3. Toon Cup 2022
  4. Nick Soccer Stars
  5. Peppa Pig Basketball
  6. Nick: Basketball Stars
  7. Ruby's Soccer Shoot-out
  8. Soccer Stars 2
  9. Football Stars 2
  10. Summer Sports Stars

What are the best Sports Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  2. Toon Cup 2022
  3. Nick Soccer Stars
  4. Peppa Pig Basketball
  5. Nick: Basketball Stars

Enjoy the match from home!

Try out the Sports Games if you are in the mood for a thrilling competition! The best part about this category is that you can enjoy your favorite athletic activities at any time. Besides, it doesn't matter if the weather isn't the best or if your teammates are unavailable. For instance, you don't even have to wait for the first snow to practice your favorite winter sport. No matter the conditions, you can enjoy a good match from the comfort of your couch or desk. Isn't that cool?

Another great perk is that you get to pick your team! Naturally, playing a match with friends or neighbors is very enjoyable. However, have you ever thought about inviting your favorite cartoon characters for a friendly tournament? Now you can turn your wildest sporting fantasies into reality by putting together your dream team! Furthermore, you can finally find out how good your favorite characters are when it comes to athletic activities. For example, do you know what SpongeBob's favorite sport is? This category will help you learn more about him and other beloved heroes.

Are you in the mood for a quick match or a tournament? The best part about these games is that they let you choose. Sometimes, you only have time for a short and intense confrontation. Nevertheless, sometimes you might crave the taste of fierce competition. For these instances, you can try some of the many games that let you compete. Who knows, maybe you'll win the big cup!

Sports Games are for everyone!

The best part about the sporting world is that there are so many activities to choose from! Whether you enjoy playing alone or being part of a team, you will surely find something in this category to suit your taste. What is more, there's a sport to suit almost any skillset and physique. Nevertheless, enjoying them all in real life can be impossible. This is why we have so many online games!

Are you a fan of the classics? Soccer and American Football are some of the most popular games worldwide. We know you love watching these sports, but have you ever wanted to play them? Now you can enjoy a thrilling match from the comfort of your home! Do you want to take part in an exciting tournament? Try the Toon Cup 2020 game and see if you can win first place!

If you are tall, agile, and very swift, you might give Basketball a try. However, not everybody has the skill and talent of stars such as LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Even if you practice the game, you might not always find a good court or teammates. Do you still want to enjoy a taste of one of the most popular sports in the world? Play the Basketball Stars game and meet some of the greatest stars of all time!

Can you think of something more typically American than a Baseball game? It can be quite spectacular, especially when it comes to home runs. Sadly, not many people have the chance to play, especially if they don't live in the USA. Do you still want to see what the fuss is all about? Give the Nick Baseball Stars game a try to get an introduction into this fascinating sport!

Try something different!

Are you getting bored with the classic, well-known sports? Luckily for you, there are many exciting activities you can try. Surely, in the company of your funniest and coolest friends from favorite TV series and movies, you'll learn the rules of a new sport quickly. Besides, their impressive skills will help you get a leg up in the competition. Are you ready to try something new?

Who said that sports are manly activities? Anybody can try any activity they like! However, if you still are a bit shy about getting into the action, why don't you try something different? A beautiful environment and some select company can help you get past any hesitation. For instance, have you ever wanted to play table tennis in a castle, surrounded by royalty? Now you can play a match with Sofia the First in the Table Tennis game!

In conclusion, discovering new sports and finding something you like is easy! All you need to do is go through all the challenges in the Sports Games category. Have you found something that you like? Keep playing to win the tournament or reach the top of the leader board! Oh, and don't forget to try it in real life as well!

There are currently 107 free online Sports games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.