Nick Baseball Stars

Test your sports skills with Nick Baseball Stars game! Adjust the angle and then the intensity of the hit to send the ball right into the bonus stars!

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About Nick Baseball Stars Game

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The game is on in the Nick Baseball Stars game. Such a challenging sport as this one requires a lot of practice, determination, and stamina. Not everybody can score impressive home runs! Fortunately, all the Nickelodeon characters are prepared for this challenge. 

Unlike other baseball matches, this one has a twist. To win the round, you only have to accomplish the goal set beforehand. For instance, the game might tell you that you have to score a certain number of points. So as to get these, the ball has to collect some of the floating stars and power-ups!

How to Play

Even though baseball usually requires a lot of equipment and intensive training, things are simple this time. To get around, you will only need your mouse. Because it is such a precise instrument, it will be a piece of cake to direct the ball wherever you want.

Before the other player throws the ball, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the impact. To do that, you have to click on your character, then drag to build power. The further away you will pull, the more powerful the shot will be. 

You should also try to aim for the floating stars and coins. These are the ones that will actually give you enough points to pass. But do not worry if you don't get them all. The important thing is to have fun and get just enough points to get to the next level. 

You will have lots of fun trying to send the ball as far as possible for the homerun, after collecting the precious points!