The Frycade

Show off your gaming skills and aim for a high score in The Frycade game! Join Sanjay and Craig, choose your favorite video games, and play together!

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About The Frycade Game

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Show off your gaming skills and set some new records in The Frycade game! It's time to hang out with Sanjay and Craig at their favorite arcade. You can share some wings together and play the newest video games! How cool is that?

Come to The Frycade and have some fun! Your task is to try each arcade game the place can offer and make sure that Sanjay and Craig have the highest scores. Help the boys keep their records and play some entertaining video games while at it!

How to Play

Before you show off your gaming skills, you need to understand the basics. You won't need any coins at this arcade! Just grab your mouse, drag it across the screen, and choose which game you want to try! It's that simple to get started!

The Frycade is Sanjay and Craig's favorite place for a reason! It has a total of 15 video games for you to try, so begin by making your choice. After you're in front of a machine, just drag your mouse across the screen or click to attack! 

There are lots of action games, but it's best to look around and choose your favorites. Some options include Caveman Track & Field or Glitter Paradise. You can try to survive a dinosaur attack, avoid sharp objects thrown at you, and last as long as possible, and many other adventures!

The arcade has lots of options, so you surely won't get bored easily! Of course, you can even replay each game as many times as you want. It's not easy to obtain a high-score record after all! 

Are you ready to set some new records? Join Sanjay and Craig and have fun gaming together! Try out the games at the arcade and aim for some high scores!