Kite Building Adventure

Recognize shapes and patterns in the Kite Building Adventure game! Team Umizoomi will even help you create a unique kite design at the Festival!

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About Kite Building Adventure Game

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Embark on a fun quest with Team Umizoomi in the Kite Building Adventure game! This time, Milli, Bot, and Geo are on their way to a charming Kite Festival. Sadly, it looks like the strong wind has broken apart all of the kites! Yikes! Someone needs to find all the pieces in the sky, then decorate them in time for the big event. Are you up for the task?

This game consists of three stages that test how much you know about shapes and patterns. This adventure will be both fun and educational. Follow the instructions of Team Umizoomi to reach the end of your adventure and receive a fun surprise!

How to Play

The different activities in this game have one thing in common: you only need to use your mouse! To control the trajectory of one of the Umizoomi heroes, slide your cursor up, down, left, or right on the screen. The protagonists will move forward on their own quickly, but you need to be precise and agile to win the game!

The first stage of the game lets you rebuild kites according to a blueprint. Your job is to guide Geo in the sky and pick the various pieces in the correct order! If you recognize shapes easily, you'll surely do great in this challenge. Even if you have trouble at first, this game makes practicing geometric shapes fun and easy!

Now that we have our kites, it's time to decorate them with patterns! Milli will give you a row of cute items found in nature, such as bugs, feathers, flowers, and leaves. You have to notice the rule and find the missing element of the pattern. As you advance, the rules get more and more complicated!

What else you should know

Did you know that Milli and Geo can perform cool tricks? If you see a windmill or a butterfly, make sure to pick them up to see the two heroes in action. On the other hand, you should watch out for squirrels, birds, and other obstacles. If you touch them, your beloved hero will stumble and slow down. Yikes!

As a reward for your hard work, you'll get to design your own kite at the Kite Festival! The first step is to pick one of the three designs from the bottom of the screen. Next, you have to drag and drop the correct shapes from the panel on the left side. Naturally, you can also pick different patterns for each part of the kite. Let your imagination run wild and create something beautiful!

Finally, you can sit back and admire your creation! Can you believe that all three mates from Team Umizoomi are riding your kite? Move your cursor on the screen to take them for a ride! Besides, you can also print out a poster with your design.

Now you can show all your friends how much fun you had learning about shapes and patterns at the Kite Festival!