Catch that Shape Bandit

Go on a chase through the city in the Catch that Shape Bandit game! Complete the blueprints to build your own vehicles and collect all the stolen shapes!

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About Catch that Shape Bandit Game

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Oh no! Umi City's shapes are starting to go missing in the Catch that Shape Bandit game! A mean villain has been stealing all the items, and Team Umizoomi must catch him at all costs. Can you help Milli, Geo, and Bot go after the Shape Bandit and save the day?

To catch the evil cat and put an end to his plan, you must use the remaining objects to your advantage. Build vehicles out of daily items like rulers, crayons, fans, or vegetables, and go on a wild chase across the city!

This is a great opportunity for you to practice your shape knowledge! Are you confident you can track down the villain and restore peace to the town?

How to Play

It's time to go after the Shape Bandit! To create vehicles using the items, you have to grab your mouse. Click on any object to pick it up, then tap again to put it in the blueprint. Once all the spaces are filled, your creation is good to go! 

Your goal for this challenge is to catch up with the villain and bring back all the stolen shapes. To do this, you will need to race through the city, cross the lake and even fly through the sky! Luckily, you can use the remaining shapes to build a race car, speed boat, or Umi jet. Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test and use geometry to solve the mission?

Don't lose focus once you reach the Shape Bandit because another challenge awaits! His biggest dream is to own a house and live in Umi City with his friends. Can you build him a tiny home and help the cat achieve his goal? If so, just use the remaining shapes and complete the blueprint!

You won't get bored of this game easily because you can always give it another go! Do you still want to learn about geometry with Team Umizoomi? If so, play again, and you'll be able to use even more shapes to create different vehicles! Isn't that awesome?

Let's catch the Shape Bandit and restore peace to Umi City! Are you ready to join your friends and learn more about the shapes together?