Umi Grand Prix

Experience an adrenaline rush with the Umi Grand Prix game! Drive UmiCar or Shark Car in three different environments to prove your speed and math skills!

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Combine the thrill of racing with the magic world of numbers in the Umi Grand Prix game! Two beloved cars from the Umizoomi series are taking part in an adventurous race. However, there's a trick! If you want to win the race, it's not enough to be an agile driver. Besides sharp reflexes, you'll also have to prove that you know a thing or two about math! 

Get ready to coordinate Shark Car and UmiCar through three different environments! This exciting race will take you through a forest, the beach, and the city. As you can imagine, you'll face new driving and math challenges in each area. Stop hesitating and get in the driver's seat!

How to Play

What sets this challenge apart is that you'll have to coordinate a team of two cars throughout the whole race. Nevertheless, you'll have to choose the leading vehicle at the start of the game. Is Shark Car your favorite, or do you prefer UmiCar?

Before heading out on the racing track, you need to take a little driving lesson! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to switch between the three lanes on the racing track. Push the limits of your car by accelerating at the right moment! All you have to do is press the Up button. Look at you go!

As you might have noticed by now, the two cars in your team can travel in two formations. Whenever space is limited, the two can go one behind another. However, if they need to cover more ground, they can drive next to each other. Switch between these two states to overcome any obstacle!

This game is not only thrilling but also educational! You'll have to collect flags of different colors and shapes through each leg of the race. Can you recognize the triangles, squares, and hexagons? Pick up as many of them to get a high score at the end of the race!

There's more you should know!

In strategic places on the track, you'll have the chance to prove that you know your math! A hero from Team Umizoomi will slow down the race and ask you a question! It has to do with identifying numbers and comparing them. After deciding on the answer, swerve the car towards the corresponding ramp, tunnel, or path!

There are plenty of items scattered around the race track, and it's up to you to use them to your advantage or avoid them! As you can imagine, you have to stay away from oil spills, traffic cones, syrup spills, and other obstacles since they'll slow you down! On the contrary, ramps and speed boosts will help you be faster than the other racers. Go, Team Umizoomi!

Who would have thought that racing and maths mix so well!  Milli, Bot, and Geo will wait for you at the end of the race and show you your final score. Teamwork has helped you prove your worth as a race car driver and master of the numbers!