Umi City: Mighty Missions

Team Umizoomi needs your help in the Umi City: Mighty Missions game! Join Milli, Geo, and Bot, and use your mighty math powers to save the day!

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About Umi City: Mighty Missions Game

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Did you always want to become a hero and rescue people in need? If so, now is your chance in the Umi City: Mighty Missions game! Milli, Geo, and Bot must use their mighty math powers and solve every problem in town. Will you join Team Umizoomi and help them save the day?

There are unresolved cases all over Umi City! To complete them all, you need to act quickly and use your knowledge to your advantage. Find the correct shapes, solve math problems, and collect the missing items! Are you confident you can help your friends overcome each challenge?

How to Play

It's time to head out on your first mission! Each task is different, so you'll need to use your mouse and keyboard. Listen to your friends' instructions before each stage because they will explain the controls each time. Sounds very straightforward so far, right?

Team Umizoomi has prepared the following six exciting missions for you to solve:

- Crazy Skates: Collect the puffballs and find the correct shapes to escape the park.

- Journey to Numberland: Find the missing keys and rescue the King of Numbers from the tower.

- Fire Truck Rescue: Use your mighty math powers and drive the truck around town to collect the tools you need.

- Toy Store Adventure: Hop on the platforms and solve the missions to gain enough coins and buy Sparkle Pup.

- Aquarium Adventure: Solve the problems and fill the tanks with sea creatures before the Umi City Aquarium opens.

- Rescue the Blue Mermaid: Follow the trail of scales and rescue the mermaid trapped in an underwater castle.

All of these challenges will put your skills to the test! You have to find the missing item in a sequence, show off your counting abilities, and look for the correct shapes.

Just don't worry if you don't get it right the first time. The longer you play, the more your skills will improve!

What else you should know 

Do your best to avoid running into any obstacles! Each time you get hit, you will bounce backward and lose one of your items. You can easily fall in a pile of rocks or a puddle if you're not careful! This is why you must always stay focused and keep your eyes on the screen. 

It's time to get going! Milli, Geo, and Bot are counting on you to keep Umi City a safe place. Can you solve all the missions and save the day?