Shark Car: Race to the Ferry

Join Team Umizoomi for a thrilling race in the Shark Car: Race to the Ferry game! Explore the beach, grab all the seashells, and reach the ferry on time!

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About Shark Car: Race to the Ferry Game

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If you love fast cars and action-packed adventures, the Shark Car: Race to the Ferry game was made for you! Your buddies from Team Umizoomi were having a fun day at the beach when Jose called them. The boy must take his car and rush to the ferry before it leaves, but there's not much time left. If you're confident in your driving skills, hop in the Shark Car and step on the pedal!

Hurry up if you want to reach your destination on time! To finish the race and help your buddies arrive at the ferry, you must drive as quickly as you can. Just be careful because the way there is full of obstacles like crabs, beach balls, or even sandcastles. Can you avoid them all without making any stops to make sure you win the race?

How to Play

First things first, you have to understand the basics. To drive your car across the beach, you need to use your keyboard. Press the Up and Down Arrows to change lanes or the Right one to increase your speed. If there are any obstacles in sight, simply tap on the Space bar to jump!

Can you finish the race before the ferry takes off? To achieve your goal, you'll have to drive faster than ever! Don't lose focus after the first stage, because a second course will follow! Keep your eyes on the track, step on the gas, and you'll be the winner of today's challenge!

Remember that there are many obstacles ahead, so don't act rashly! If you run into any of them, your speed will decrease for a limited time.

What else you should know

Keep in mind that you must collect as many seashells as you can. However, if you get hit by any incoming objects, you will lose some of your shells each time!

If you are looking for an extra speed boost, don't worry! Just keep an eye out for the batteries and pick them up to power your vehicle! This way, you can drive faster than ever and keep the race going. How cool is that?

Hurry up because you can't be late! Jose is counting on you to help him reach the ferry on time. Drive the Shark Car and step on the gas to win this exciting race!