What are the most popular Team Umizoomi Games?

  1. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  2. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  3. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  4. Umi City: Mighty Missions
  5. Food Truck Festival
  6. Nick Jr. Mega Music Game
  7. Nick Jr. Camp: Count & Play
  8. Catch that Shape Bandit
  9. Purple Monkey Rescue
  10. Nick Jr.: Finding Feelings

What are the best Team Umizoomi Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  2. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  3. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  4. Food Truck Festival
  5. Nick Jr. Mega Music Game

Explore the colorful world of numbers and superheroes!

Enter a realm of math, numbers, and colorful superheroes with Team Umizoomi Games! If you're looking for a way to become better at math without even trying, this series was custom-made for you!

Even if it sounds impossible at first, this show manages to make boring subjects turn into thrilling adventures! Therefore, it's no wonder that Team Umizoomi has been a favorite for teachers, parents, and children alike ever since its launch in 2010.

In the 80 episodes aired on Nick Jr., the show focuses on teaching preschool children helpful skills. The same goes for all the games in this category!

What makes Team Umizoomi such a successful series is that it has such a fun concept. Namely, it focuses on three young superheroes: a boy, a girl, and a robot. As you can imagine, this whimsical team has a unique way of solving problems. It seems like Umi City always has a mission for our team of funky pals! If you decide to come with them, you'll have a blast and learn something new along the way.

Another thing that will make you love this category is that it's very interactive. Milli, Bot, and Geo will welcome you like friends and make you feel just like another member of their team. As a result, you'll always feel the thrill of adventure while playing with them!

Meet the superheroes in Team Umizoomi Games!

It's time for you to meet the first member of this cute team! We'll start with the green robot that stands out from the others. His metallic look and funny jokes make him hard to miss! His name is Bot, and he's the smartest member of this team.

If you think about it, it doesn't come as a surprise! Thanks to his complex system, he can calculate anything in just a few moments. Besides, Bot boasts many other powers, such as fetching gadgets and storing stuff. You can hang out with him to learn more about what he can do in games like Bot's Silly Fix it Game!

Have you met Geo? The blue superhero is the most outgoing Umizoomi hero. Still, he can also be a little sensitive when a difficult issue comes up. Nevertheless, what defines Geo is his enthusiastic personality, so he'll always cheer you on before a mission.

What is more, Geo has the power to play with shapes. Whenever you play with him, you'll brush up on recognizing triangles, squares, circles, and much more!

Finally, you have to meet Milli! The bright pink heroine is actually the leader of Team Umizoomi. Despite her sweet personality, you shouldn't put her down! Her brother, Geo, and Bot, the robot, will often need her help to save Umi City.

Milli is brave, hard-working, and incredibly talented with her superpowers. For instance, her dress changes colors to match the patterns around her. Isn't that cool? You can experience this amazing power by playing the Hide & Seek with Milli game!

Learning maths can be so much fun!

If you haven't noticed by now, the games in this category stand out from others! While playing, you'll feel the thrill of adventure games with practicing basic math concepts. In the company of Team Umizoomi, you'll practice adding, subtracting, and comparison.

However, you won't have time to get bored at all! For instance, if you play the Umi Grand Prix game, you'll get to be a race car driver while learning!

There's even more left to learn! You'll find many colorful and fascinating objects in Umi City and the nearby forests and beaches. Therefore, you'll have many chances to practice your attention to detail. You'll also learn to recognize shapes and use them to build something new. On top of that, you can also study patterns and fill in the missing items. Fascinating!

The many fun events that the team attends are great learning experiences! Join in on festivals like the one in the Kite Building Adventure game!

Keep playing the Team Umizoomi Games to improve your gaming and maths abilities at the same time! The tiny superheroes will make every adventure magical, with their powers and joy for life. Put on a smile and start thinking! Whenever you get stuck, the Umizoomi team will cheer you on! They'll even give you hints when you need them.

What is more, you'll receive a small gift for every success. Cards, coloring pages, stickers, and certificates are just a few examples. Keep trying to earn their trust and the title of Umifriend!

There are currently 22 free online Team Umizoomi games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.