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Enter a world of childish wonder in the company of a kind purple friend in the Oswald the Octopus Games! Play and learn with him and his pet dog, Weenie!

Have fun with a purple octopus in Big City!

Play the Oswald the Octopus Games to escape into a realm filled with magic and kindness! An adorable purple octopus will be your guide as you explore and have fun in Big City!

Despite only running for one season in 2001, Oswald the Octopus remains one of Nickelodeon's most wholesome series. Thanks to the show's focus on friendship, music, and playfulness, many kids can relate to Oswald. Even if you're a grown-up, Oswald's adventures and songs will remind you of the joy and curiosity of childhood!

Welcome to Big City! Oswald and his pals live in this busy metropolis. Does it remind you of your home city? If you walk around, you'll notice many skyscrapers and tall trees. As you'd expect, Oswald and his friends have a lot of favorite spots in the city. They love to go to Johnny Snowman's snow cone shop and visit the aquarium. It sounds like so much fun!

Give the challenges in this category a try if you want to explore Big City! During your adventures, you'll befriend Oswald and his pals. Each one of them is a different animal with a distinct personality. Nevertheless, they have learned to get along and play together!

Get ready to meet new friends!

It's hard to miss Oswald, the protagonist of the series! After all, you don't see a dark blue octopus every day! Thanks to his beady black eyes and kind smile, Oswald makes friends easily. Given that he is so polite and curious, everybody loves him!

Besides, the octopus hero always carries a top hat that makes him look very stylish. Unfortunately, he loses it frequently, as happened in the Find Oswald's Hat game! Can you help him recover it?

Have you noticed there's a character that never leaves Oswald's side? Weenie, his pet Dachshund, is a funny-looking creature that will remind you of a hot dog. Her favorite things are frisbees, barking, and dancing. As a loving owner, Oswald ensures she always has everything she needs!

Another close pal of Oswald's is Henry! The black and white penguin lives under Oswald's apartment and shares many of his hobbies. What sets Henry apart is his love for order, rules, and schedules! Therefore, you should look for him if you want to practice your organizational skills! He'll join you for challenges like Henry's Puzzle game!

Daisy is the ray of sunshine that lights up any room! As her name suggests, she is a lovely yellow flower with a cheerful outlook on life. Her enthusiasm brings the group together and helps them accomplish their plans! Naturally, she loves the outdoors, especially playing sports outside.

You still have a few more friends to meet in Big City! For instance, Madame Butterfly is an elegant lady who lives with her daughter, Catrina. There's also a set of egg twin brothers called Egbert and Leo. Meet them all by matching cards in Oswald's Matching game!

Learn while playing with Oswald the Octopus Games!

If you hang out with Oswald long enough, you'll notice that each of his adventures helps you become a better person. In their adventures, the animal pals communicate, work together, and overcome their differences. By showing kindness to each other, they show the true nature of friendship.

Oscar and his pals are very talented! Each character has hobbies they're willing to share with you. Sometimes a friend can be the best teacher! Oswald and his friends will help you pick up new skills, like music. Since it's one of his passions, the purple octopus will teach you how to play a few songs in Oswald's Piano game!

If you decide to join Oswald and his gang in Big City, you'll develop practical skills for day-to-day life! Most of his quests happen in common locations that you probably visited before, like parks, restaurants, or shops. Your new friends will teach you all about the objects and people you might encounter. Besides, they'll encourage you to pay attention to your surroundings and ask questions!

Enjoy the magic of fun and friendship with Oswald the Octopus Games! You'll be transported to a simple and colorful world filled with adorable animal pals. Every time you join them for a challenge, you'll have a blast while learning something new!

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