Oswald's Matching Game

Test your memory with a purple octopus and his pals in Oswald's Matching Game! Reunite the animals with their pair by flipping over the cards!

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Become smarter while hanging out with your favorite octopus in Oswald's Matching Game! If you have ever wanted to test your memory in the company of some adorable and kind friends, you've come to the right place. Oswald has prepared a special card game that will help you become better at remembering things! 

One of the best parts about this game is you can choose your challenge difficulty. You have to organize six, twelve, or twenty cards in each stage. Can you group them into pairs based on the characters featured on them? 

It'll be a great chance to get to know all of Oswald's friends! Some aren't that well-known, like Johnny Snowman or Catrina the caterpillar. 

How to Play

If you're a fan of puzzles, you might already know the rules of a classic matching card game. At the beginning of the game, all the cards are placed face-down on the table. Click on one to turn it over and reveal the character underneath.

Is it Daisy, Henry, Bingo Bunny, Madame Butterfly, or Leo? Try to memorize the position of Oswald's pal before making your next move!

Now, pick another card and hope you found your character's pair! If the cards match, they will disappear from the table. However, chances are you'll make a lot of wrong guesses at first. Take them as an opportunity to memorize the position of another character. With a little patience and a good memory, you'll complete the challenge in no time!

Oswald has prepared a fun reward for every puzzle you solve. Every pair of cards hides part of an image underneath. Clear out all of them to reveal a photo of Oswald having fun with his friends. There's even an adorable animation to accompany this scene!

If you keep practicing your memory, you'll get to learn more about Oswald's story and his lovely group of animal pals.