LazyTown: Pixelspix

Enter Pixel's website in the Pixelspix game and check out the files of him and his friends. Discover all the favorite videos and songs of LazyTown's gang!

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About LazyTown: Pixelspix Game

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Pixel created his first website in the Pixelspix game, and it's full of gigabytes of content for you to check out! You will meet him, Sportacus, Stephanie, Ziggy, and the rest of the LazyTown gang. However, Robbie Rotten is up to no good, and you should try and catch him! Let's get the site online and see if you can check it all out!

Your goal is to go through all the files of your favorite characters! There you will discover songs and videos of the show! Also, you can check out many other site features for extra fun. Doesn't it sound exciting?

How to Play

To navigate Pixel's site, you only need your mouse. However, you can control some features with your Arrow Keys if that's your preference! But the first thing you should check out is the files of Stingy, Trixie, and the rest. There, you'll find their favorite songs and other videos of them!

You can also try Pixel's favorite game, Pixels Brix. The goal is to smash all the bricks and complete as many levels as possible. You can take advantage of power-ups like the Power Ball or the Multiplier during the game to get more orbs. But don't forget to look out for Robbie Rotten even if you're busy playing. If he pops up, grab and put him in the trash can.

There are a few other features you might want to check out. The first one is the Wallpaper, where you can change the site's background to another color. The second one is the Printables, where you can print pictures of all the characters to color them!

Are you ready to enter Pixel's website and navigate through all the videos and songs of Stephanie, Ziggy, Trixie, and the rest? Let's get started and see if you can check all the files on the site without letting Robbie Rotten get in your way!