LazyTown: You Pick the Hits

Help Stephanie find the best song of LazyTown in the You Pick the Hits game! Listen to the catchiest tunes and watch their videos to choose your favorite!

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About LazyTown: You Pick the Hits Game

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Stephanie has the mission to find the best song in the You Pick the Hits game! She asked all her friends in LazyTown, and now, she only needs your answer to see what is the best melody. Can you check out her list and help her with the mission to find the best song in town?

Your job is to listen to all the songs prepared by Stephanie and tell her which one is the best. However, it might be a job harder than you might expect because all the melodies created in LazyTown sound great! Let's get the music playing and see what you pick!

How to Play

To choose the songs, you only need to use your mouse! First, you should click the green button to play the songs and watch their videos. You can see Trixie, Ziggy, Stephanie, and the LazyTown crew singing and having fun together. Once you go through them all, you can hit the star to choose your favorite.

There are three songs from which you can choose:

 - Step by Step: A song about achieving your dream one step at a time.

 - Good Stuff: A melody about growing delicious and healthy vegetables.

 - Have you ever: Here, Stephanie sings about life's joyful games.

Stephanie is the main vocalist of all these songs, and her friends are in the background of every video! You might even spot Robbie Rotten doing some evil deeds.

After you listen to all the songs, it is time to submit your favorite one. You can do this by clicking on the green mailbox. However, try to take your time and not rush your decision. There is no time limit, so you can have all the fun you want!