Dora's Magic Land Adventure

Go on a magical journey and save Boots in the Dora's Magic Land Adventure game! Can you collect the orbs and find all the wand pieces to break the spell?

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About Dora's Magic Land Adventure Game

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Oh no! Big Red Chicken has lost his wand, and you must help him find it in the Dora's Magic Land Adventure game! To save Boots from being turned into a chicken, you must join Dora and head off to the Magic Land together. Can you complete this journey and bring back the mysterious item?

It's time to jump high and hop from one platform to another! Once you're in, you must help the brave explorer collect the broken wand pieces in each location. However, there are many obstacles ahead of you, so you have to be very careful! Are you ready to see what's hiding inside Big Red Chicken's hat?

How to Play

Let's explore the Magic Land! To guide Dora around each location, you need to press the Left and Right Arrows. Once you're ready to jump, tap on the Space bar or use it together with the direction keys for a more powerful leap. The key to saving Boots is leaving no spot unexplored!

Your main goal is to find the three broken pieces and return the magic wand to its' original shape. To do this, you'll have to stop by the Card Castle, Bunny Hill, and The Magic Forest. Each destination has a hidden treasure, but you must first look around and collect all the colorful orbs. Just keep moving and climb up the platforms to reach the exit!

There are obstacles everywhere, such as water fountains, hidden rope or trampolines, and even more wacky tricks! Use them to your advantage to climb, run through the rings, and go up the stairs to complete each stage. Once you arrive at the final door, you'll have to solve a quick task before you can exit.

To complete each challenge, you must put your memory and math abilities to the test. Select the amount that matches the number of shapes on each card, put the giant carrots in the correct order, and complete the pattern of magical orbs. After these trials, Dora's mission will be over!

Hurry up, or Boots will turn into a chicken! The cute explorer needs your help to restore the wand and break the spell. Can you overcome each challenge and return to Big Red Chicken on time?