Dora's Meet My Friends

Play the Meet My Friends game and get to know Dora's adventurous amigos! Click on each character to read their story and learn new Spanish words!

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About Dora's Meet My Friends Game

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Get to know Dora's lovely gang in the Meet My Friends game! What is life without friends? Dora met all kinds of creatures throughout her adventures, and many have become her close buddies! But how much does she know about them? Let's find out! Join Dora in this bonding experience and learn more about her friends!

If your goal is to find out what is Boot's favorite snack or Isa's favorite flower, you've come to the right place! Your job in this game is to pick out your favorite character, click on them and read a little about their life! You can learn about their age, hobbies, where they live and favorite things to do!

How to Play

Making friends is easy, and you only need your mouse for it. Click on a character to read their story and find out more information. The roster of friends is quite long, so you'll need to click on the Left and Right arrows to scroll through it! If the story is too long and you want to read more of it, you can click on the Up and Down arrows on the upper-right side of your screen!

Each description contains images that replace some of the words! However, some of them might be confusing if you're getting to know a character. You can drag your mouse and hover over them to uncover the word!

Try to pay attention when reading! Some of the English words will have a different color! If you hover your cursor over them, they will translate into Spanish! A few examples are the family members in Dora's family, like Mama, Papi, and Abuela!

So now that you have the chance to get to know Dora's favorite amigos, will you be able to make new friends? Vamonos! The bonding experience begins!