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Join Dora and Boots for a beach adventure in the Find Floatie game! Can you find the hidden floatie among the other objects and save the day?

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About Find Floatie Game

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Prepare to join Dora and Boots for a fun day at the beach in the Find Floatie game! Your friends were getting ready to go out when Swiper arrived. Now, the evil fox stole poor Boots' floatie. Can you help bring it back so your buddies can swim together at the beach?

Let's see if you can find the missing item! Swiper is a master of swiping and hiding objects, so you must keep your eyes on the screen and look closely. Will you be able to locate the floatie among all the other items on the shelf? If so, give the challenge a go and prepare to impress your friends with your skills!

How to Play

It's time to begin your search! To look for the hidden object, you must use your mouse. Simply click on each item that fits the description on the shelf and see if you got the correct answer. It's that easy to help Dora and Boots!

Do you have a trained eye and can notice even the tiniest details? If so, challenge each difficulty and see how quickly you can find the floatie! You can choose between three different levels that go from easy to hardest. Are you ready to put your skills to the test?

Remember to listen closely to Dora's description of the object. This information is required because it will help you find the correct item. When you know all the characteristics, just take a peek at the shelf and look for objects that appear similar! You'll surely find Boots' floatie in no time!

What else you should know

Depending on the difficulty you choose, more and more items will appear in front of you. Just don't get overwhelmed! If you click on an object and it's not the right one, it will disappear, leaving an empty space. Keep trying, and the floatie will be yours!

Well, are you ready to help Dora and Boots with their mission? Your friends can't enjoy the beach without the stolen item, so find the floatie and end Swiper's plan!