Dora's Pegasus Adventure

Join Dora and fly across the sky in the Dora's Pegasus Adventure game! Travel across planets and meteors, find the constellations, and bring them all back!

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About Dora's Pegasus Adventure Game

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Don't you love watching the constellations in the night sky? If so, the Dora's Pegasus Adventure game was made for you! A meteor shower scared away all of Pegaso's friends, and he's all alone. Will you join Dora and Boots and travel across the night sky to bring them all back?

Aren't you excited to explore the universe and find all the animal constellations? Fly through planets and meteors and collect all the star treats for some extra energy. Just remember not to hit any meteors, or you will lose some of the items you gathered! Will you be able to find all of Pegaso's missing friends?

How to Play

It's time to start flying through the sky! To begin your journey and travel through the universe, you need to use your keyboard. Press the Up, Down, or Left arrow keys to move in each direction or the Right arrow key to increase your speed. When the meteors are close, simply tap the Space bar to use your star magic and break them up!

Your main goal is to travel through the universe and find the baby bear, lion, and whale constellations. However, you must first complete a long and fast-paced journey through the sky. Are you ready to travel across a Black Hole, Saturn's Rings, and The Milky Way? Reach the end of your mission and bring back Pegaso's friends to complete the quest!

Remember that the way is full of obstacles, and be careful! Try not to hit any meteors, or you will lose some of your treats. However, you can break them all up by using your magic. Just keep your eyes open, and use your powers as you get close to the objects!

Do you need a speed boost to reach the constellations even faster? If so, watch out for any arrows as you travel across the sky. If you touch them, you will gain a temporary power-up and advance towards your target! How cool is that?

Now that you understand the mission, are you prepared? Join Dora and Boots and travel across the sky to find all the constellations!