Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk Adventure

Explore a fun beach fair with Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk Adventure game! Play mini-games at all ten booths to win tickets, then trade them for prizes!

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Enjoy a fun day at the beach with Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk Adventure game! Have you ever been to a funfair with many booths where you can play games for tickets? Now you can fulfill your dream alongside Dora, Boots, and all their pals! The best part is that you'll learn a lot while exploring will Dora. You'll have the chance to practice your counting, spelling, colors, and even some Spanish!

The game consists of ten fun mini-games. Play each one, and earn as many tickets as you can! At the store, you can exchange every ticket you win for amazing prizes. Fill up your treasure chest with impressive rewards! Which one of the ocean-themed activities is your favorite? There's only one way to find out!

How to Play

In the company of Dora, visiting the fair is fun and easy! Slide your cursor over all the activity booths to hear Dora say their names. Once you have decided which one you want to try first, just click on it! The heroine of the game will tell you what to do to earn tickets. What is more, she and her animal pals will cheer you on and give helpful tips!

Let's start with the Fishing for Treasure booth! Here, you can use a giant claw to pick up treasure chests from the bottom of the sea. Some of them have tickets inside, while others contain seashells and gold coins. To pick up a treasure chest, guide the claw above it with your cursor. Click to lower and close your instrument and open your treasure!

Next, let's visit the Aquarium! This building hosts three fun activities related to sea creatures. First, you can try the Fish Frenzy game! Here, you'll have to keep a close eye on a lake filled with colored fish. They'll even poke their heads out of the water! Your job is to click on those with a ticket above their heads to make them jump! How many tickets can you gather until the time runs out?

Your next Aquarium challenge is Count the Fish! This time, you'll have to admire fish in a tropical tank. There are plenty of colorful species! Dora will tell you what kind of fish you have to find and how many. You should pay attention to all the hiding places and click on them as soon as you see them. After collecting them all, Dora will help you count them in Spanish! You earn as many tickets as there are fish!

The last activity you can do in the Aquarium is the Seahorse Match Up! The cute sea animals are trying to put on a show for the public. However, they need your help to form color-coded groups. Can you help them organize in groups of five? There are yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple seahorses on the left side of the screen. Use them to complete the groups already in the tank. Click and drag them in the free space in each row!

Make sure you visit these booths!

For a friendly Air Hockey match, let's join Swiper! He is by the table, waiting for you. Click on the orange handle, then slide it to hit the puck. Can you score a goal in the hole on your opponent's side? Pay attention, as you can only move your slider in your half of the court. You get as many tickets as goals scored. Don't worry, Dora will keep score!

If you want to try something different, prepare to get wet at the Dolphin Squirt! You'll have to help Dora give water to the thirsty dolphins by using a hose. Just wait for one to emerge, then click on his mouth to squirt water. Hold until the bar fills up to earn a ticket! How many dolphins can you help until the time runs out?

You'll have a blast at the Juggling Boots with Boots stall! Your job is to help Dora's pet monkey with his juggling act by giving him the boots he needs in the correct order. Just glance at the colored lights at the top of the screen and watch them light up. Click on the boot that matches the color to throw it to the acrobat monkey!

Do you have rhythm? Find out at the Musical Mix Up game! Here, the insect band called the Fiesta Trio needs your help to perform! Look at the different shapes on the music sheet at the top of the screen. Then, click on the band member below that matches the shape and color of the symbol! Play the entire five-note sequence, and you'll be rewarded with a fun song and many tickets!

Earn even more tickets!

It's time to play Skeeball with Benny! The friendly blue cow will give you ten balls that you can aim towards the targets. There are three slots on the board, and you want to aim towards the one with a ticket. To do so, slide the cursor to the left or right to pick a trajectory for the ball. Once you are in front of the target, click to let the ball roll and collect your ticket!

Finally, Dora awaits you with a colorful Pinata Party! How well do you know the colors in Spanish? Our adventurer friend will tell you to click on one of the three colored items on the screen. If you pick the right one, you'll be rewarded with a ticket!

Don't forget to trade all your tickets for fabulous rewards in the store! You can fill up your treasure chest with coloring pages and beach toys. Simply click on the My Treasure tab to see your customizable chest and play with your well-earned rewards. Keep playing and learning to unlock all the prizes in Dora's fun adventure on the boardwalk!

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