Tico's Acorn Game

Play the Tico's Acorn game and help Dora's friend in his nut-collecting adventure! Move side to side with your basket to collect the falling acorns!

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About Tico's Acorn Game

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Test your reflexes and gather acorns for Dora's friend in Tico's Acorn game! Tico is a squirrel and loves to munch on acorns whenever he can! He lives in the forest, so his favorite snack is all around! However, winter is coming, and he needs to gather as many as possible for the cold season. Will you join the little squirrel on his acorn collecting adventure?

Your only task in this game is to help Tico catch the falling acorns in his basket! You'll have a set number of acorns to collect during each level so try not to miss any! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of casual games that test your reflexes and speed! Grab your basket and running shoes, and let's help Tico with the acorn hunt!

How to Play

Besides the basket and a little bit of speed, the only thing you need to gather acorns is your mouse. Move your cursor left and right to run around while collecting the acorns. Try to place your basket under the tree nut, or it might slip by, and you won't be able to grab it!

You can select your difficulty at the beginning of the game. You can go from Easy to Hard and Hardest. The number of acorns you need to collect will increase. As the game progresses, the acorns will also fall faster, making it more difficult for you to catch them each time! However, that won't stop Tico from grabbing some of his favorite snacks!

Sometimes you might not be able to catch all the acorns in time, but don't worry! There are no points to lose, and Tico won't mind it as long as some of them end up in his big basket! 

Now that you know what you need to be the best acorn gatherer, will you manage to help Tico collect the tree nuts he likes? Vamonos! The purple squirrel needs you!