La Casa de Dora

Visit Dora in her own house in the La Casa de Dora game! Enjoy fun and educational activities in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and garden!

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About La Casa de Dora Game

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Don't miss out on the La Casa de Dora game if you have ever wondered where Dora lives! The feisty adventurer will welcome you to every room in her house. You'll get to meet her mum, dad, and her animal pals! Enjoy a day filled with fun activities that will help you learn Spanish, music, and many more skills!

The game consists of 5 mini-games scattered throughout the house. What is more, you can interact with objects and decorations in each room. This way, you can find out more about Dora, her hobbies, and her family! 

How to Play

Welcome to Dora's House! The first step of the game is to decide which room you want to visit first. There are four rooms you can explore: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the garden. Once you have decided, click on any of the rooms to go in! Besides, you can easily return to any room to explore more and replay your favorite activities!

Start clicking on objects and characters in the room! You can discover 5 activities and many other surprises. The best part is that you will only need a mouse to perform all the tasks! With her cheerful personality and tone, Dora will give you clear instructions. If you listen to her, you'll have tons of fun!

Here are all five games you can play:

- Dora's Musical Instruments: Play a cheerful tune by combining the sounds of the guiro, bongos, maracas, the guitar, or flute!

- Bingo: Stamp as many objects as you can on your bingo card! 

- Dress-Up: Help Dora mix and match fun outfits by combining costumes from her best adventures!

- Recipes: Join Dora's Papi in the kitchen to cook up delicious Mexican dishes!

- Plant Vegetables and Flowers: Learn about gardening first-hand by growing flowers and vegetables from seed! 

What else you should know

Have you noticed that some activities have two versions? You can pick between Spanish and English for the Bingo and Recipes activities. Therefore, you'll get to practice a new language with Dora! You shouldn't be shy, as she makes learning so fun!

Discover secrets in every room! Besides the main games, you'll find many interesting objects in each room. We suggest you click on everything! This way, you'll find colorful stars, learn about Dora's family, and even discover bonus activities!

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of Dora's house! If you are a fan of Dora, you'll surely enjoy a chance to learn more about her and her family. You'll get to meet her dad, mum, and even her adorable brown puppy! In their company, learning is thrilling. Time flies by while adventuring with Dora!

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