Dora Find Boots

Play the Find Boots game and enjoy the classic hide-and-seek with Dora's friends! Explore the jungle and find the little monkey's hiding place!

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Play hide-and-seek with Dora and her friends in the Find Boots game! It's a new day, and the young Latina's best friend, Boots the monkey, wants to play a new game with her. He will hide in the jungle, and Dora must find him. However, hide and seek is fun to play when there are more people!

Boots has found the perfect hiding spot, and your job in this game is to discover it! Dora's other friends are hidden amongst plants and trees to make the game more challenging for you, so make sure you're looking for the little monkey! Can you find Boots and win the game?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play the game. Look all around the jungle and click on where you think Boots might be hiding. Try to pay attention and leave no bush unchecked. Don't worry if it's not the right spot! You have unlimited chances to find Dora's monkey friend!

Dora's fun friends hid all over the jungle. If you find them in the trees or other bushes, they will come out and put on a show for you. Enjoy their little shenanigans, but don't forget your main goal. Boots is still hiding, and he won't come out until you find the right spot!

Once you've found Boots, your job is complete! The little rascal will make up a new challenge for his best friend, Dora. However, you can always play the game again and try finding Boots on your first try! Are you up for it?

Are you ready for a fun and colorful game of hide-and-seek? Let's get everyone out of their hiding place!