Where's Swiper

Try the Where's Swiper game to play the classic tag with Dora's cunning friend! Follow the sly fox with your mouse and click on him to catch him!

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Enjoy a fun game of tag in the jungle with Dora and her friend in the Where's Swiper game! Swiper and Dora might not be best friends, but they play together often! Tag is Swiper's favorite game because he is a sly and quick fox. He knows he is fast, and he will prove it to everyone! Will you be able to spot Swiper?

Tag is a pretty simple game, so your goal in this game is to catch Swiper the fox as he runs around the jungle. All you need is a little focus because Dora's friend likes hiding behind big leaves and trees to make the game more challenging for you! Time to chase after the cunning fox and tag him!

How to Play

Besides speed, you will only need your mouse to play this game. Follow Swiper with your cursor as he runs around the jungle, and click to catch him! You will know you've got him when he screams: "Oh man!"

Before starting the game, you can select the difficulty and give yourself a challenge. The difference between the two levels is mostly in Swiper's speed. He will be faster and harder to catch, but he'll also hide in some places that might be less easy to notice.

Even if you don't catch him at first, don't worry! Swiper will reappear behind a bush, tree, or rock. Try to pay attention and keep track of his fast movements. This way, you'll get more chances to catch him.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you be able to catch the sly Swiper? Time to test your reaction speed!