First Day at School

Boots and Tico are excited to become students in the First Day at School game! To guide your pals to school, solve the problems and pass all the obstacles!

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Begin the first day of class with Dora and her friends in the First Day at School game! This time, Boots and Tico are looking forward to becoming students. However, they don't know how to reach school yet, and they must follow the map to arrive at the destination. Will you lend your buddies a hand and guide them on the way there?

To arrive at the final destination, your cute friends must first pass through the river and forest. However, there are many obstacles ahead, and you can only overcome them with your knowledge! Are you confident in your addition and counting skills? If so, you surely won't have any problem solving the exercises!

How to Play

Let's check the map! Once you arrive at each stop, you'll have to use your mouse and solve the problem. Listen to Dora and her friends, then click on the correct answer to move on. If you are right, you'll be one step closer to school!

The first obstacle you will reach is the river. To help Dora, Boots, and Tico cross over the water, you have to hop over the turtles. However, some of them are missing, and the girl will tell you what the total should be. Practice your addition, count together, and reach the other side safely!

For the second challenge, the lunchboxes will be carried away by the wind. Now that the food is splattered all over, you must place the correct number of items in the box. Just listen to Dora, look for the right pile, and click on it! Don't worry if you don't get the answer the first time, because you can keep trying until you can solve the problem! 

Have you finally reached the school? If so, then the only things Boots and Tico are missing are their supplies! Look around the room, identify each item, and tap on it to pick it up. Once you have everything, it's time to begin your lessons!

Aren't you excited to experience the first day of school? If so, join the cute explorers and help them reach their destination on time!